Bonus Season



3-Week Tribe Bonus Season

Can't Get Enough Tribe Team Training?

We have created a special 3-week bonus season to keep you active between Season 7, 2017 and Season 1, 2018. This special season is open to any current or past Tribe participants. The goal is to re-visit 3-weeks of the best sessions from TribeFit, TribeLife and TribeCore 2017. Burn off the holiday calories! Get an early start on your 2018 goals! Our bonus season dates are December 26 - January 11. Don't miss out! Look at our 3-week schedule below...

Tribe Team Training 3-Week Bonus Season (December 26 - January 11)

M&W sessions only have 4 sessions due to Christmas and New Year's Day.


M&W 9:00am Coach Tina (4 Sessions)

M&W 12:00pm Coach Bryce (4 Sessions)

T&TH 9:30am Coach Rachel (6 Sessions)


M&W 5:00am Coach Kevin (4 Sessions)

T&TH 5:00am Coach Kori (6 Sessions)

T&TH 6:00am Coach Kori (6 Sessions)

M&W 9:30am Coach Bailey (4 Sessions)

T&TH 9:00am Coach Kevin (6 Sessions)

T&TH 6:00pm Coach Brecken (6 Sessions)

T&TH 5:00am Coach Tina (6 Sessions)


M&W 6:30pm Coach Brecken (4 Sessions)

T&TH 7:00am Coach Bailey (6 Sessions)

T&TH 4:30pm Coach Steve (6 Sessions)


More Information

Dates: December 26 - January 11

Cost: Members: $43.00 + tax (4 Sessions) ; $64.50 + tax (6 Sessions)

Community: $53.75 + tax (4 Sessions) ; $80.63 + tax (6 Sessions)

Limit: Each tribe is limited to 8 participants. Register today!

RSVP: Email or call 396-3712 Ext. 127