Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy

Blood cells carry oxygen, nutrients and waste throughout our body. Adequate blood flow is a necessary component of a long healthy life. BEMER Therapy is specifically designed to enhance micro-circulation (blood flow in the capillaries) by utilizing Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields. Enhancing the blood's ability to do it's job, enables our body to proficiently re-energize, recover and rejuvenate.

Learn more about BEMER by watching some of the videos below. 

BEMER-Improved Blood Circulation

Shows blood flow at the capillary level before and after a BEMER session. 

BEMER 5 Minute Introduction

Describes how BEMER works and it's benefits. 

Role of BEMER Therapy in Improving Blood Flow

Simple explanation of how important blood flow is and how BEMER assists with enhancing circulation.