Can you imagine a work environment where you are paid to play? Where you are encouraged to laugh, run, jump and dance? Where the customers look forward to seeing you every day, and appreciate the work you do because you improve their lives and make them laugh? That's what it is like to work at Tri-City Court Club. 

We are always looking for great people who care about providing exceptional customer service and who are interested in joining a great team! 

Great Benefits and Perks!

  • Medical, Dental and Vision Plans
  • Complimentary membership to the Club, including discounted rates for family members
  • Vacation and Holiday Pay
  • 401(k) Retirement Savings Plan
  • Discounts on fee based programs and services

Benefits may vary depending on full-time or part-time status. Call 783-5465 to inquire about openings within the Club. Interested applicants are encouraged to pick up and complete an application. A cover letter and resume may be required. You'll need to specify which department (s) you are applying for.

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Tri-City Court Club is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Immediate Job Opening

Group Exercise Director

Tri-City Court Club is looking for a hard working, enthusiastic, outgoing positive person to join our management team.

RESPONSIBILITIES:  responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following:

      1.   Interview, hire, train, evaluate and schedule the group exercise / fitness instructors. Hire instructors utilizing personality profile testing to ensure instructors are outgoing and have the appropriate personality for the class they are hired to teach. Also ensure they have the rhythm needed to be able to follow the MOSSA track and hear the music when it changes. Usually some sort of audition is done prior to hiring an instructor.

            Handle new employee paper work and termination paperwork in a timely manner. Oversee that new instructors complete CPR training and new employee orientations.

      2.   Evaluate the group exercise classes on a regular basis and make objective changes to the class schedule according to demand (attendance), instructor performance and based on changes in the fitness industry. Monitor schedules and ensure there is adequate instructor coverage. Ensure subs are readily available and classes are not cancelled. If a sub is not available you are expected to teach the class.

      3.   Provide appropriate training for employees. Use the training outlines that has been developed for each program and our MOSSA programing and training videos. Use a training outline and make sure employees are properly and thoroughly trained before letting them work on their own. Explain class expectations and ensure instructors follow the expectations. Provide hands on correction, coaching and training to ensure employees are knowledgeable about their position, the Club, programs, policies and procedures.

      4.   Conduct rehearsals and ongoing training as needed. Plan and oversee quarterly MOSSA launches. Work with the MOSSA coach to enhance our group exercise program. Communicate concerns and challenges to team leads and work with them to improve our instructor team. Utilize training videos. Arrange MOSSA training or other trainings depending on the need.

            Take care of new instructor MOSSA registrations and travel arrangements. Ensure new instructors practices are being done in order to complete the MOSSA certification in a timely manner. Develop a complete plan of action to obtain the certification and get the taping done.

            Keep informed about workshops or trainings offered locally, in Washington or in the state or Oregon. Schedule instructors to attend as needed. In order to be a highly qualified manager it would be helpful to obtain multiple MOSSA certifications. Provide quality control and integrity among instructor teams. Communicate with team leads to assist programming is being followed and quality is being maintained. Communicate with instructors through emails and / or one-on-one meetings when issues need addressed.

      5.   Stay up to date on what is happening in the fitness industry by doing research through IHRSA and by attending conferences (IDEA or IHRSA) as required by management.

      6.   Set an example for your employees. Project a positive, energetic and encouraging attitude among employees along with promoting teamwork. Actively invite members and employees to participate in programs, classes or activities.

      7.   Meet with instructors on a quarterly / annual basis to review and set individual goals.  Supervise employees monitoring their goals and job assignments. Work with each instructor to enhance personal growth in the area of instruction. Monitor performance and provide feedback to staff on an informal on-going basis. Conduct performance appraisals and documentation of formal discussions in a clear and concise manner. Handle raises and performance reviews in a timely manner.

      8.   Make recommendations on ways to improve or enhance the group exercise program.  Review each class and attendance and make recommendations on schedule changes as demand exist.

      9.   Clearly define and communicate to the department the mission, vision, values and performance expectations. Recognize employees and reward them for good performance or exceeding customer expectations.

      10. Monitor the safety, cleanliness and equipment maintenance within the department. Ensure the microphone systems are working properly. If not take the appropriate action. Ensure the instructors have the tools and equipment appropriate for their fitness class and the equipment is in good working order. This includes ordering new mats, Group Power equipment, hand weights, fitness balls and other equipment as needed. Ensure studios are kept neat and tidy. Handle studio usage outside of the group exercise schedule.

      11. Teach exercise classes as required. Teach approximately 2 group exercise classes per week. Be friendly, knowledgeable and positive in order to create an atmosphere where the members get a good workout and have fun.

      12. Handle member complaints and member concerns in regard to the fitness schedule. Be able to handle these concerns in a positive customer service way. Respond to member suggestions with an open mind. Consider member feedback when making decisions in regard to the fitness schedule.

      13. Submit quarterly website information about the group exercise department. This consist of a short write up about what is happening in your department. This includes the group exercise schedule and Pilates schedule, holiday schedules, launches, special offerings, incentive programs, Pilates information, new class information. Proof your pages according to the schedule and respond in a timely manner with any changes or corrections.

      14. Submit yearly budgets relating to the group exercise area including recommendations on new purchases, instructor training and workshops. Monitor budgets on a monthly basis ensuring expenses are in-line and focusing on increasing revenues within profit centers. Submit yearly instructor salary review with proposed changes.

      15. Develop fitness class incentives to keep members motivated to utilize the Club on a regular basis. We usually have one incentive program per year.

      16. Pilates – direct and manage the Pilates program. This includes scheduling instructors, and making sure they are properly trained. Ensure the instructors cross check class enrollment rosters and payment. Oversee roll over registrations and turn in before the end of each month.  Make recommendations about class rates and increases. Take care of replacing equipment or purchasing new equipment as needed.

Classes you are currently responsible for but subject to change:

Group Power             Group Fight                           Group Ride              

Group Blast               Zumba Gold                          Extended Ride

All Yoga classes      Essential Moves                   Group Centery         

Jazzercise                 Strength & Balance             Zumba & Zumba for Special Needs

Adult Karate              Pilates (all)                            bootybarre


1.  Keep the general manager informed on the progress of your responsibilities and the

     changing needs of the department.

2.     Notify the general manger if you are sick and unable to work or if you need to take time off.  Notification guidelines are noted in the employee manual. Usually when you are going to be out of town a senior instructor is left in charge to assist with subs or other issues that may arise.

3.     Be familiar with the Club’s monthly calendar and our website information. Inform and train your employees on the activities going on in the Club so they can answer member / guest questions or direct them to the proper area for the answer.

4.     This position is a "working manager" position, you are expected to teach a variety of group exercise classes.

5.     Attend weekly manager meetings.

6.     Compensation for approved business mileage and out-of-pocket expenses incurred on authorized travel on behalf of the Club. Purchases must be approved by the general manager in advance.


This is a part time position (25-29 hours per week). Salary is D.O.Q. Wages are reviewed annually with raises based on performance.

At times due to staffing challenges or other unplanned emergencies it may be necessary for you to work over time. Over time is paid at a rate of time and a half for hours worked in excess of 40 hours in a one-week period (Sunday through Saturday). Advance approval is required from the general manager for overtime hours.


Your schedule will vary from time to time. As a department manager you need to work some evenings so you can see how busy evenings are and so you are familiar with class attendance. Also to conduct performance reviews – you will need to attend evening classes and Saturday classes. When we do launches you are expected to work these and participate either as a helper or as an instructor. You are expected to teach a minimum of 2-3 classes per week and assist with subbing as needed.


The benefits for a part time position are outlined in our employee manual.

Application Deadline:  Submit application, cover letter and resume in person to Janelle Klashke or at the service desk at Tri-City Court Club, 1350 N. Grant St. Kennewick, WA  99336 by September 15, 2018.