Open Memorial Day through Labor Day

SplashDown Cove offers more than 2000 square feet of private, shaded cabana space overlooking the water park. A perfect setting for your family gathering or corporate party. Contact Roberta Heydenreich at (509) 396-3712 ext. 137 for details and to book your party.  Download our GROUP/CORPORATE PARTY FLYER to share with your family, friends or HR director at work.

When swimming, proper swim suit attire is required: clothing specifically designed for swimming - one or two-piece swim suits for girls and lined swim trunks for boys; only Lycra swim shirts allowed. Inappropriate bathing suits or street clothes, basketball shorts or workout shorts are not allowed in the swimming pools, hot tubs, or steam room.

Birthday Parties also available!

Imagine a birthday party where you get to enjoy all the fun without dealing with all the stress.  Our amazing party staff will take care of the details, right down to the toppings on the pizza and the candles on the cake.  With several great party packages to choose from, you can’t help but make this the best party ever! See our different packages here