After witnessing the explosive growth of pickleball in our community and nationwide (650% in the US over the past two years!), we are excited to bring pickleball to the Tri-City Court Club. The game is easy to learn, fun to play, has a strong social component, and with less pounding on the joints than tennis, is increasingly popular with the over-50 population.

Pickleball is best suited for play on a hardcourt surface. With that in mind we are converting tennis courts 3 and 4 into six pickleball courts. These courts will still be lined for tennis which can be used for special events and tournaments but not regular tennis reservations.

With pickleball and tennis sharing similar roots, we believe this addition will have crossover appeal for tennis players, as well as adding a new activity to the club. Programming will include clinics, lessons, leagues, open play, social events and tournaments. Some of the programs will be supervised by one of our staff to ensure that everyone gets a chance to learn how to play at the appropriate level. There will also be opportunities to reserve courts for arranged matches.


Construction begins: Wednesday, September 11th

We are converting tennis courts 3 and 4 into six pickleball courts. These courts will be lined for tennis which can be used for special events and tournaments but not regular tennis reservations. Both tennis and pickleball will have USTA and USAPA regulated court dimensions.

A floor-to-ceiling wall will be built around courts 3 and 4 and the back side of court 7 & 8 to contain the sound. This will allow pickleball and tennis to be played at the same time, while ensuring an optimal experience for both sports.

The project includes resurfacing courts 1-4, and should take approximately two months to complete. Since we will be down to four or five courts during the construction phase, we suggest you make court reservations to ensure that you have a place to play. Also, please excuse the noise and mess during construction.

Tennis & Pickleball Layout.jpg

Why not put pickleball on courts 7 & 8?

In order to keep “regulation” tennis courts which is required by the USTA for tournaments we needed to have the proper spacing on both sides of the tennis courts. We did not have enough room on the back side of the courts for proper spacing.

Pickleball F.A.Q.

Do I have to be a member to play pickleball at Tri-City Court Club? Yes, the Club is a private facility and a membership is required to use the facility. Guests of members are allowed on a limited basis, and guest fees apply.

Does the Club provide pickleball equipment? The Club has pickleball paddles for rent if you are looking to try it out and see if you like the game. If you are going to play somewhat regularly you will want to purchase your own paddle and ball.

How do I get started playing pickleball? First, you will need to know your “level” or “rating” (see next question). Open play times are a great opportunity to start learning the game and meeting other players.

How do I figure out what “level” I am? You can get a basic idea by reading through our level descriptions. For a more formal rating our in-house pickleball professionals can evaluate your level of play during open play times or through a private lesson.

Can I reserve a pickleball court? Yes, pickleball courts may be reserved in advance. You can call the service desk, or better yet, download our Club App and book them online yourself - its fast and easy! Booking rules apply.

What type of membership do I need to play pickleball? A Racquetball/Pickleball or Full Club membership is required to use the courts, participate in leagues and open play, and make reservations. Membership services can help you upgrade if needed.

Pickleball Open Play

Pickleball Open Play

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Pickleball Leagues

Pickleball Leagues for Men & Women

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Pickleball Lessons

Pickleball Lesson Options

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