Why Choose Pilates?

Pilates is a unique and challenging exercise method focusing on promotion of correct posture with isolated core and muscle strength. Pilates is a safe and effective style of strength training that improves flexibility and range of motion at the joints without stress. Discovering this enhanced mind-body awareness allows you to benefit from each exercise and to progress to the next level at your own pace. Pilates can be performed on a mat or reformer. Download our PILATES FLYER. Pilates new session starts every month. 

Benefits include:

  • Reduced back and arthritic pain
  • Improves muscle balance
  • Improved athletic performance
  • Efficient rehab from injuries
  • Strengthens core muscles
  • Increases flexibility 

What is Pilates reformer?
The Pilates reformer is a specialized piece of equipment designed to enhance the Pilates training experience. This stream-line apparatus adds resistance which increases the challenge of doing the exercises. Exercises are modified to meet the skills and intensity level of each student.

Pilates Essential Mat & Reformer
This class combines mat exercises with work on the Pilates reformer. Classes are taught in small groups by certified Pilates trainers for 60 minutes. Sessions are monthly and begin the first fall week of each month. New students should contact Liz Bryant at (509) 396-3712 ext. 104 for more information & class placement.
*Class limited to 6 people.


One-on-One Pilates Personal Training
Pilates personal training sessions are available to meet the specific needs of an individual. Contact Corinne at: corinnenwilson@gmail.com

Pilates Schedule 2018.jpg

Pilates Memorial Day Holiday Schedule

Monday, May 28 -

No Pilates held on Memorial Day.

4th of July and Labor Day, September 3rd,
Holiday Schedule

No Pilates held.


We offer a wide variety of Yoga classes to appeal to all levels and preferences.  Below is a brief description of our different classes.  See complete SCHEDULE of Yoga classes on the group fitness schedule. 

As a courtesy to our other guest, please arrive promptly to class. Bring a white towel and water bottle.

Intro to Yoga 1
Enjoy the benefits of yoga at a gentle level that appeals to the beginner. Improve breathing techniques and learn the basics of yoga. Class is taught in a comfortably warm studio.

Yoga I
Increase strength and flexibility while connecting with mind, body and spirit.  We offer a variety of yoga styles to fit anyone's level and taste.  Studio heated to 90 degrees.  ** Saturday Yoga I studio heated to 75 degrees.

Yoga II
Yoga is performed with flowing movement at a deeper level. While there is an increased intensity, the class is still open to all levels. Breathing techniques and meditation is focused to conclude the class. Class is taught in a heated studio.

Yoga Flow
This class based off the Vinyasa method, teaches flow through different poses and is taught in a comfortable temperature studio. Increase strength, flexibility and body awareness and learn valuable relaxation exercises. Taught in a 75 degree studio.

Bikram's Beginning Yoga
26 pose (asana) series challenges the spirit to work harder, deeper, and calmer. Produce a union of body, mind and soul. All levels welcome. Class is taught in a heated studio.

Yoga Tone
Yoga Tone combines vinyasa style yoga with the added intensity of weights. Boost your metabolism and build lean muscle as you move through yoga sequences, strength-training challenges and core-stability/strengthening exercises.