Recovery Zone & Body Sculpt Rules

Our mission is to provide a relaxing environment focused on recovery so that you can maximize your results. Enjoy our special blend of equipment designed to help your mind and body recover from the stresses of life, exercise and injury.

The following guidelines have been established for your health and safety.

  • Please also consult your physician and read all warnings prior to using the equipment.

  • Stop using the equipment if you feel faint or have any discomfort. Please follow station guidelines to avoid detoxing or injury.

  • Prior to using the recovery zone, we strongly recommended you schedule a recovery zone orientation, to learn how to use the equipment. This can be scheduled with recovery zone staff, service desk or membership services.

  • Please follow posted scheduling policies and follow the maximum time slot for each recovery station.

  • You must be 14+ years to use this area. Age 14-17 must come during staffed hours or be accompanied by an adult.

  • For additional assistance with recovery stations please come during staffed hours. These can be found on our website and posted on the door.

  • To prevent odors and to keep our recovery stations clean please wear dry clean clothing.

  • Please remove shoes. Socks required on all recovery stations in main room.

  • Please stow your bags in a locker.

  • Please no food allowed in recovery zone. Drinks are allowed in spill-proof bottles only.

  • Wipe stations after each use. Put away equipment after use.

  • To maintain a relaxing recovery environment, please take phone calls outside of recovery zone. Headphones required for listening devices.

  • Please report maintenance problems to staff immediately.

The Recovery Zone is monitored by cameras, except for private rooms.