The Recovery Zone & Body Sculpt mission is to provide a relaxing environment focused on recovery so that you can maximize your results. Enjoy our special blend of equipment designed to help your mind and body recover from the stresses of life, exercise and injury.

Achieve Your Goals
While exercise is widely recognized as the key component to a successful fitness program, it is only one part of a three-part process.  Fueling the body so it can perform its best, and recovering after exercise so we’re ready for the next session—are just as important as the workout.  

The Recovery Zone is a space specifically designed to help the body repair and replenish tissues damaged during exercise.  By taking this important step you are giving the body the time and resources it needs to realize the best results. Whether your muscles are tired and sore from a hard workout, your body is healing from a nagging injury, or your mind is stressed from a long day at the office—the Recovery Zone is exactly what your body needs to build on the progress you made and be ready for tomorrow!

Recovery Stations

Recovery Zone & Body Sculpt Stations

Our services are sure to deliver a recovering experience for everyone! Blending the best of traditional recovery treatments with the latest technologies in recovery, health, relaxation and healing. We have all the components you need to support your quest for a healthier and longer life! By utilizing the right mix of recovery stations you will have more energy, recover faster and leave feeling great.

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Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (BEMER) enhances general blood flow, nutrition & oxygen, cardiac function, sleep management, waste disposal, physical fitness, endurance, concentration, muscle stimulation and stress reduction & relaxation.

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Whole-Body Vibration

By emitting sound frequency vibration through speakers and a vibration plate our Vibragenix Whole-Body Vibration helps with increasing cellular voltage. It can be used as a passive form of exercise. Some of the observed benefits are decreased pain, weight loss, increased detoxification, mood elevation, assistance with certain diseases and disorders, and reduced anxiety and stress.

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Body Sculpting Lights

Our Body Sculpting Lights use a combination of infrared and red light to help target fat cells and increase collagen production. Some of the observed benefits are weight loss, sculpting and toning of the body, increased detoxification and improved circulation.


HydroMassage Lounge

Our Hydromassage has soothing warm water waves that run across your body. With options to customize the experience, each client will get the massage they want and need. Some of the observed benefits are reduced stress, tension and anxiety, along with assistance with relaxing sore muscles, improved blood flow, boosted immune system, enhanced sleep quality and reduced pain and headaches.


Body Compression

NormaTec compression system offers a relaxing experience. With options to address arms, hips or legs it helps with overall recovery. Some of the benefits observed are increased blood flow, movement of lymphatic fluid, muscle relaxation, movement of lactic acid, stimulation of connective tissue and muscle fascia and increased workout recovery time.


Massage Chair

Our full body massage chair has several settings, zero gravity and 8 pressure points. It allows for several customized options to give each client the exact restoration they need.  Some of the observed benefits are reduced stress, tension and anxiety, along with assistance with relaxing sore muscles, improved blood flow, boosted immune system, enhanced sleep quality and reduced pain and headaches.


Hot Yoga Infrared Sauna

Our infrared sauna is equipped with a television for virtual Yoga for up to 2 people. It provides an invigorating workout session, while detoxing and promoting flexibility. Some of the observed benefits are increased detoxification, decreased pain, weight loss, improved circulation, purified skin and enhanced relaxation.


Cocoon Beauty and Wellness Pod

Relax, detox and rejuvenate all in one with our dry heat and infrared, multi-sensory sauna system.  Observed benefits have been weight loss, assistance with firming and toning muscles, boosted energy levels, increased detoxification and enhanced mental acuity.

Oxygen Therapy

Oxygen therapy assists with filtering the air and delivering a more concentrated source of oxygen through a cannula, thus enhancing body functions.  Some of the observed benefits are headache relief, decreased stress and fatigue, assistance with breathing difficulties, increased detoxification and improved concentration and memory.


Theragun Massager

Theragun uses percussion technology to help with whole-body health. It has several attachments, so clients are able to target a variety of areas. Some of the observed benefits are enhanced performance and recovery, assistance with relaxing sore muscles, boosted energy, assistance with moving lactic acid and reduced stress and tension.


Myobuddy Massager

Myobuddy uses percussion to keep the fascia from tightening and target problem areas. Some of the observed benefits are mood elevation, assistance with relaxing sore muscles, detoxification, muscles performance and stress relief.


Foam Roller

Foam rolling provides self massage and self myofascial release. By rolling over various areas of your body, you'll help break up scar tissue and adhesions to help speed up the healing and recovery process after your workout.



Cryoshere uses a combination of traditional self myofacial release (foam rolling) and cryotherapy (ice massage).  These two forms of muscle therapy help to decrease inflammation, aid in post workout recovery, and allow specific treatment for areas in need.

Disclaimer: Recovery Zone & Body Sculpt products and services are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease or disorder. Benefits listed are based on results seen with varying clients. Your results may vary.



I really feel a difference in my knee pain after using the Bemer and Sonic plate. Right before I started, I was looking at physical therapy options but now I feel like these treatments could prevent that! I really enjoy the atmosphere and the very friendly and knowledgeable staff. I would recommend Recovery Zone for pain relief or just relaxation!
— Chrishael, 38
I typically come in after work and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere, where I can unwind and clear my head. My favorite pieces of equipment are the massage chair and the cocoon.
— Joel, 31

Having an opportunity to try the Bemer PEMF technology is quite amazing. It has helped my wife’s shoulder. She was considering surgery, now she says her shoulder feels good again. And as for me, my aches and pains are disappearing.
— Ray, 71
I ruptured the tendon in my ankle, which affected my knee. I had a lot of trouble before using the Sonic Vibration Plate, I even thought I might go into a wheelchair. Now my knee feels greatly improved and I didn’t even have surgery.
— Mary Ann, 92