Specialty Wellness Programs

Our specialty wellness programs are unique and effective. Participants can be members and non-members of the Tri-City Court Club. Each program runs 10-week sessions. 

Cancer WellFit™ Program

Our Cancer Wellness Program is a 10-week small group program designed for cancer survivors who have recently become de-conditioned or chronically fatigued from their treatment and/or disease. Our goal is to help patients build muscle mass and muscle strength, increase flexibility and endurance, and improve functional ability. Additional goals include reducing the severity of therapy side effects, preventing unwanted weight changes, and improving energy levels and self-esteem. A final goal of the program is to assist participants in developing their own physical fitness program so they can continue to practice a healthy lifestyle as a part of their recovery and as a way of life.

Cancer WellFit™ is made possible at the Tri-City Court Club with our partnership with the Tri-Cities Cancer Center. We have worked with hundreds of clients since 2006. If you would like to participate in the program, please contact the Tri-Cities Cancer Center. During your call or visit you'll receive upcoming dates and enrollment information. We currently run four 10-week sessions per year.

Dates: June 25 - August 29; September 10 - November 14
Days: Monday & Wednesday
Time: 11:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
Cost: Cancer WellFit is a complimentary 10-week program. Participants must contact the Tri-Cities Cancer Center to discover if they are eligible for this program.
Ages: 18+
Max Class Size: 10
Location: Balanced Habits Room
Registerwww.tccancer.org/index.php/support1/wellfit_program or by phone, (509) 737-3420.
Registration Deadline: Friday, June 22 with the Cancer Center for the June 25 session. Friday, September 7 with the Cancer Center for the September 10 session.
*Participants must pre-register


Aqua Motion

Experience the benefits of exercising in water. This class is specially designed for individuals learning to live with neurological movement disorders (Parkinson's, MS, stroke recovery), and recommended to anyone seeking light exercise with gentle resistance.

Click here for our current specialty class schedule.

Arthritis Basic Level*

Recreational program to improve joint flexibility and reduce pain and stiffness while supported by the water buoyancy and resistance.

Arthritis Plus*

Supplements the activities in the Basic level with endurance-building and muscle-strengthening exercises.

*These specialty classes are FREE FOR MEMBERS and open to the community. $60 for 10 classes.

Contact Kelli Dunfee, Aquatic Fitness Director, at kelli@tricitycourtclub.com for any other questions you may have.