To contact an individual listed below, call (509) 783-5465 and then enter their extension.

Janelle Klashke
General Manager
Extension 125

Ryan Vogt
Fitness Director
Extension 127

Steve Wallenfels
Creative / IT Director / Racquetball / Rock Wall
Extension 133

Kelli Dunfee
Aquatic Fitness Director
Extension 123

Steven Moser
Housekeeping Manager
Extension 113


Kalli Wolf
Marketing Coordinator
Extension 128

Peggy Ketchum
Member Accounts
Extension 116


Cassidy Brown
Kids' Program Director
Birthday / Group Parties
Extension 137

Meriel Miller
Business Office Manager
Extension 114

Joe Reardon
Sales Director / Service Desk Manager
Extension 120


Emily McKee
Group Fitness Director
Extension 104

Terry Jackson
Aquatics Director
Extension 126


Shaelah Harmon
Recovery Zone Manager & Pickleball Director
Extension 113


Allison Rodriguez
Membership Services Specialist
Extension 124

Tami Tindell
Membership Services Specialist
Extension 122


Tim Strope
Maintenance Manager
Extension 129

T Headshot.png

T Khounnala
Tennis Director
Extension 119