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Welcome to Starfish Swim School

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  • Step 1: Check out our level descriptions to determine which class your child should enroll in.
  • Step 2: Choose 1 day per week or 2 days per week. See chart below for pricing:
  • Step 3: Once you've chosen your class level and days, click "Register Now".
    • If you haven't used Club Automation before, or if you are a community member, please call the service desk at 509-783-5465 to set up your account. Note: Members with an email address on file can search for their account on the sign-in page.

  • Step 4: Register and pay from your own computer!


Learning to swim is FUN!
At Starfish Swim School we know that teaching your child to swim is one of the best gifts you could give them. Learning to swim is not only a life skill, but it could save your child’s life some day! Joining Starfish Swim School at any age will ensure your family’s safety in and around the water. Our goal is to instill fun, safety and confidence in every swimmer.  We do this by:

  • Emphasizing learning through fun
  • Allowing your child to become relaxed and comfortable in a safe and friendly environment
  • Using songs, games and colorful equipment to introduce basic water orientation and floating skills
  • Introducing breath control, buoyancy and gentle underwater submersion in a fun way
  • Teaching survival skills including back floats, grasping floatable objects and an introduction to life jackets
  • Encouraging early orientation to water.

Starfish Swim School Brochure

Helpful Tips For New Swimmers

The Learning Process
The most common and effective method for teaching swimming is through group lessons. With a 4:1 student to teacher ratio you will see that:

  • Group lessons allow your child to interact and observe others while having fun. We teach new skills through a combination of observing, listening and practicing.
  • Many students, although they are not ready to attempt the skill, are still learning by watching others. Starfish Swim School instructors recognize this process and know that with time and patience, the observer will attempt the skill and eventually learn to swim.
  • Learning to swim involves a great deal of repetition. By performing the new skill over and over, the child develops a sense of security and confidence; both of which are essential for steady progress. 
Where do you start?
Please view our Starfish Swim School Level Descriptions to determine which level to place your child in.  If you are unsure of your child's swimming ability, a free placement test is available. Contact our Aquatics Director, Terry Jackson, for more information or to schedule a placement test at or 509-396-3712 ext.126.
Ready to take the plunge?   
Lessons start every eight weeks all year round. We offer lessons six days of the week in the mornings and evenings to fit the ever changing schedules of today’s busy families. You may register online, in-person, or by giving us a call at (509) 783-5465.
By registering online you can see all the available classes and times in real-time during registration week. (If you are a first time user please follow the prompts to build an account. Returning customers, just enter your login information to access the schedules.)
Starfish Swim School Reminders
  • Please take your children to the bathroom before lessons start. If your child is not potty trained, a swim diaper is required.
  • Please arrive early for lessons in order to be able to start class on time. Every second counts!
  • Please do not allow your child to enter the water until their instructor invites them in.
  • Children under the age of six (6) are not allowed in the pool without a parent or instructor.
  • If you are not a member of Tri-City Court Club, please be mindful that access to the pool is limited to your swim lesson only.
  • Goggles and swim caps are available for purchase at the service desk.
  • For those with chlorine sensitivities, we offer Tri-Swim chlorine out products for sale at the service desk to keep hair and skin chlorine free.
  • Please communicate any learning or behavioral hurdles to your instructor on the first day of classes so that we can be sure to facilitate the most effective learning environment for your child.
  • Please bring your scan card to every lesson to make getting through the front turnstile quick and easy.
  • Cubbies are available by the hot tubs to store your belongings during lessons.
  • Parents, family, and friends are welcome to sit in any of the chairs on deck, but please do not move the chairs in order to be closer to your child’s lesson. Independence is a large part of learning to swim.
  • If you have any questions or concerns please bring them up immediately. We want you to thoroughly enjoy your family’s experience with us! The Deck Manager can always answer your questions.
Class for Children with Special Abilities
We focus on students' special abilities and customize learning plans so students achieve unprecedented success in the aquatic environment. Call Terry Jackson to start your child's journey of discovery!
Terry Jackson - Aquatics Director: (509) 396-3712 x 126