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Brecken Huerta

NASM Certified Personal Trainer, TribeFit™, TribeLife™, TribeCore™, Bosu Team Training

Hi, I’m Breck. My fascination with health and fitness began in my early high school years. I was 60 pounds overweight, felt sluggish, and facing my peers at school came with a level of self-consciousness that just made me feel heavier. Thankfully my story did not end there. Determined to feel better, I committed myself to making a healthy change in my diet and took on the challenge of completing a program called P90X.

I became a personal trainer because fitness has been such a positive impact on my own life. Having been overweight, I've been through several levels of training and I know how good it can make you feel to reach your goals. My ultimate goal as a personal trainer is to create self-sufficient people who don't work out because they “have” to, but because they want to due to the results they've seen and the positive changes in their general lifestyle.

It doesn’t matter if you want to lose weight, get buff, or improve your overall quality of life. As your trainer I will provide support and be with you every step of the way to help you achieve your goals.

So, what’s your story? How do you want it to end? I look forward to meeting with you and discovering how we can best achieve all your goals and then some.

Steve Devine

NASM Certified Personal Trainer,TribeFit™, TribeLife™, TribeCore™

Hi!  My name is Steve Devine. I participated in several sports during high school, but in college I became pretty lazy and overweight. My college nickname was ‘fatso’. Several years later (yes-it took years. I’m not always the sharpest tool in the box), I realized I needed to do something good for myself and I began training at home doing many at-home fitness programs (P90X, Insanity, Body Beast, Starting Strength). Later, I started experimenting and putting together programs for myself that incorporated flexibility, endurance and strength. I became interested in personal training because I see the benefits of fitness as it relates to quality of life. Fitness has become a passion for me and I love sharing this with others. As a baby boomer, I realize that many of us have let our physical fitness take a backseat over the years. My goal as a trainer is to provide training and education that is personalized to each client’s goals, abilities and capabilities.

My main interest is focusing on strength training for older adults. I am interested in designing programs to enhance a person’s overall strength, mobility and independence, and encourage others to improve their nutrition and fitness regime in order to stay healthy and active.

When not playing with my grandchildren, my favorite activities are hiking and camping. I also love playing the guitar, although I’m not exactly ready for prime time.

Amy Rendall

National Academy Of Sports Medicine, TribeFit™, TribeLife™, TribeCore™

Hi, l am Amy Rendall. Fitness and living a healthy lifestyle is my passion. I became a personal trainer to share my passion with others. A few years ago I was overweight until I decided to make some lifestyle changes. Along my journey others joined me with my workouts and began asking for my advice. That’s when I knew I wanted to make a career out of it.

I know what it takes when it comes to discipline, sacrifice, and hard work. To date, I have competed in three NPC bikini bodybuilding competitions. I truly enjoy weightlifting and the hard work that goes with it.

In my spare time getting out into nature is my favorite family pastime. I love going on family hikes. Other times you will find us out on our boat where we will be wakeboarding. Another big aspect to fitness in my life, is being involved with my children's sports. I enjoy helping by coaching and giving extra practices at the park or gym.

My biggest goal is to make people happy and feel better about themselves. I want to motivate everyone to live the healthiest most active life they possibly can. I want to be that person who helps you along the way.

Tina Grayson

BA Communications & Anthropology from WSU. ACE certification: Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor, Older Adults and Special Populations. Group Ride, Group Kick, Group Power & Group Centergy certified, TribeFit™, TribeLife™, TribeCore™, Pedaling for Parkinson's

I have been a Personal Trainer at the Court Club for over 20 years. I have committed myself to a life of health and fitness and strive to set a positive example for my family, friends and clients. I believe that fitness is a lifestyle and I want to pass this belief on to others!  Fitness should be fun and have a purpose.  Getting fit starts from within.  We can talk our way out of doing what is good for our mind and bodies or we can make a conscious effort within and decide that something MUST change! Individuals who choose a healthy lifestyle that centers on fitness will still make time for training! My mission is to educate you about nutrition, exercise and live every day with a joyful heart!

As a Certified Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor, I have been involved in the fitness Industry over 20 years.   I specialize in unique and individualized program design for my clients which include endurance training, multi-sport training and functional training (incorporating multiple muscle groups at once), in conjunction with cardiovascular maintenance and balance work. I specialize in one-on-one instruction for weight loss, functional training, core strengthening, general and athletic weight training and agility, older adultsexercise programming, rehabilitation, mat Pilates, yoga, pre/post natal fitness, kick boxing, and one of my favorites, indoor cycling (spinning). If burning fat is your goal then know that I challenge clients to be their best and give 100% effort into burning fat by applying Tabata Interval Protocol or Metabolic H.I.I.T Training for maximum results.

When I am not at the gym I enjoy spending quality time with my husband and our three children. My favorite hobbies include gardening, fishing, skiing, boating, back yard BBQ and badminton tournaments, summer baseball and most of all being my kids’ “greatest fan” at their sporting events. I look forward to getting to know you and your fitness goals, and helping you instill healthy habits to make lasting changes.  See you at the Club!

Eric Greager

ACE Certified Personal Trainer, Group Ride and Group Core certified instructor

Hi, I’m Eric and I work as a personal trainer at Tri-City Court Club. I’ve lived in the Tri-Cities all my life and I’ve been a TCCC member for over 30 years.  After a 36 year career at the Hanford Site I retired and had the opportunity to dive head first into my passion for the fitness industry. I am now a Certified Personal Trainer through the American Council on Exercise (ACE).

Most of my adult athletic background revolves around running and triathlons, which makes me a great fit for anyone interested in athleticor sports specific training. I’ve been an avid runner for 30 years and have competed in two dozen marathons, three Ironman races,  and countless other triathlons, races, and multi-sport events.

While I love to work with runners and triathletes, my experience as a Group Ride and Group Core instructor has shown me how satisfying it is to help the entry level athlete reach their goals. I believe there is an athlete in all of us, no matter our current level of conditioning or our age. Although our fitness goals and desires vary widely from person to person, with the right guidance and direction that inner athlete can become a reality!

I would love to work with you to help you achieve your fitness goals. Together as a team we can bring out your inner athlete and have a blast doing it. Just think how great it’s going to feel to reach those goals. I look forward to talking with you soon and getting you started on the journey.

Kevin Paulson

American Council on Exercise Certified Personal Trainer, TribeFit™, TribeLife™, TribeCore™

Hello, I’m Kevin Paulson. I recently received a Bachelor’s in Exercise Science with a concentration in Pre-Physical Therapy from Eastern Washington University. I have been an American Council of Exercise Certified Personal Trainer for two years. I enjoy helping friends and clients achieve their individual fitness goals.

I began running on the road to fitness during high school when I joined the cross country team. Running sparked my interest in fitness, so I pursued an exercise related degree in college. With my education, certification and passion, I am well equipped to assist YOU in setting and achieving your individual fitness/health goals.

 A little bit about me: Family is a big part of my life! I married my high school sweetheart on 7/11/15 and we are expecting our first child in September 2016. I loving running, lifting and continuing my education; I like to stay active and up to date on research in the ever changing field of health sciences.

I know that I can help you change your life and become the best version of yourself!

Lori Powell

ACE Personal Trainer, Cancer WellFit, Pedaling for Parkinson's

Hi, my name’s Lori Powell and I have been a personal trainer at Tri-City Court Club since 2004. I’m an ACE Certified Personal Trainer with a passion for inspiring and motivating people to change their lives through their health.

Before I was a personal trainer, I was a club member at TCCC. I was overweight, uncomfortable, had no energy and felt embarrassed about how far I’d let myself go. Once I joined the club and began my own personal fitness journey I instantly fell in love with boot camp. I began to teach aquatic fitness and boot camp classes at the club before going on to get my training certificate so that I could share my passion for fitness with others on a more personal level.

In 2006, TCCC partnered with the Tri-Cities Cancer Center to launch a program called Cancer WellFit. I’ve had the privilege to run this program at the club, which helps people restore their confidence, mobility and strength during or after their treatment for cancer. The opportunity to take part in the Cancer WellFit program is such an honor and I feel blessed to work with my clients every day.

When I’m not at the gym I love to spend time outdoors - hiking Badger Mountain is a favorite pastime as well as outdoor boot camps and any type of physical activity that makes me work hard.

I hope to have the chance to meet you soon and help you achieve your fitness goals!

Bailey Anderson

TribeFit™, TribeLife™, TribeCore™, Little Black Dress Project

Bio coming coon!

Penny Horst

TribeFit™, TribeLife™, TribeCore™

Bio coming soon!

Kori Harrison

TribeFit™, TribeLife™, TribeCore™

Hey, everybody!  My name is Kori Harrison. I’m ecstatic to be preparing for my National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) personal training certification; so that I can help YOU reach your goals!

As an Oregonian that grew up in the Willamette Valley, I enjoyed swimming, track and field, dance, and coached the local dance team. I earned my bachelor’s degree in Spanish from Willamette University. My background, in what I fondly refer to as “my previous life,” is in Human Resources Management. (This was before embarking upon my most challenging, yet, rewarding job – motherhood). My handsome husband and I have three beautiful, fun, and feisty children.

I am certified through MOSSA to teach BLAST and have recently started teaching Tracey Mallett’s BOOTY BARRE. My newest passion is TRIBE Fitness – with certification in FIT, LIFE, and CORE – personal training in small groups designed to achieve results. I invite you to join my tribe!

When I’m not teaching, you’ll often find me at your side in BLAST, POWER, CENTERGY, BOOTY BARRE or RIDE. I also work at my children’s school where I enjoy cheering them on in sports and helping with scout events. I like to help my incredibly talented husband with home projects, visit with family and friends over coffee, serve in the music ministry at church, read life-enriching books and try out new smoothie and popcorn recipes with my kids.

In my own life, I aim to make quality choices for health each day in nutrition and exercise aligned with focused, positive thinking. I train not only for the hopes and dreams that I want to achieve – but for the everyday activities of daily living. Surrounding myself with an encouraging and inspirational group of supporters keeps me accountable, allows me to persevere and raise the bar to continually improve.

Wherever you are in your fitness journey, I would love the opportunity, as your coach, to help you train at your level to establish a winning game plan that incorporates healthy habits for life! I invite you to take action to make your “somedays” into “todays.” Dare to grab hold of your aspirations – believe – everything is within your reach to achieve. I am here to help!


Shannon Phipps

Aquatic Exercise Association

Hello, my name is Shannon Phipps and like most of you, I came to the water classes to exercise in a fun environment. I have always had a love and respect for the water. That is why I decided to become and aquatic instructor after being a stay-at-home mom. 

Over the past 8 years as an Aquatic Fitness Instructor I have gained knowledge of the different components that are brought to the classes I teach. I have been certified since 2009 with Aquatic Exercise Association, and stay current with training's. The most recent certification is land and water arthritis training through AEA. I plan to bring this knowledge and experience to every session or goal you may have. I can tailor sessions for your needs, whether it's balancing work or understanding the moves in our classes. I look forward to working with you in the water. 

Andrea Bass

TribeFit™, TribeLife™, TribeCore™

Hi!  I have been active and playing team sports all of my life and over the past four years I have had the opportunity to experience it from the coach's aspect.  Accountability, encouragement, motivation, inspiration, challenges, and successes are just a few benefits of team/group training.  This is what I look forward to as I move forward into this journey as a Certified TRIBE coach and as I complete my personal training certification through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) certification program.

My personal journey really began flourishing over the last year as I began strength training on a regular basis.  Walking is great, but I knew I needed something more.  And while I never really felt weak, over time I see and feel how strong I have become.  I can see the amazing results and I really just feel so much better - mentally and physically.  I look forward to working out almost everyday and now I'm able to focus on eating healthier as well, which is an everyday battle.  But I've been there.  I know how hard it is.  And I also know how much easier it is when you have a partner to help you to be successful.  Let me help you reach your goals!  Let me help you find your strengths!  Let's do LIFE together!

Outside of the club I love to hang out with my husband and three kids, ages 9, 7, and 4.  We love to be outdoors, everything from walking, bike riding, playing sports (football, basketball, softball - I coach my daughter's 10u fastpitch team, baseball, soccer), hiking, and camping.  I'm learning to sew, slowly finding time to scrapbook and organize, and I also volunteer at my church and at our kids' school when I can.

Rachel Harrison

TribeFit™, TribeLife™, TribeCore™

Hi, my name is Rachel Harrison.  I'm a mom, a wife and a fitness enthusiast.  I try to balance my chaotic life with 4 young children by taking time for myself, exercising and having fun! 

I grew up playing soccer and after competing at a collegiate level and getting married, I realized I needed to find another outlet for exercise that I enjoyed.  This is when my love of running and group exercise began. Seven years ago I started training for group fitness, and I love it!  I am a MOSSA Power, Blast and Core instructor and have loved being a part of the health journey of others! 

As a TRIBE FIT, CORE and LIFE coach, I am able to help small group TEAMs reach their goals... Whatever they may be! I am your biggest fan and am so excited to a part of your journey!

Michael Dang

ACSM Certified Personal Trainer & Exercise Physiologist

I recently received my bachelor of science in exercise science with a minor in human biology at Western Oregon University. My original intent was to further pursue education to work in a healthcare setting, however I decided to use my knowledge to help and educate others in order to prevent people from having to seek medical attention for preventable conditions that can be cured by living a healthy lifestyle.

Growing up, I was always active and eager to learn new things. I was put into Martial Arts at a young age where I learned to become discipline and knowledgeable about my health. I received my black belt in karate at the age of 14 and then branched off to further study Taekwondo and Jujitsu. In school I was also a year round athlete participating in cross country, wrestling, and track. In recent years I picked up break dancing which is where I spend most of my focus now. With my background and knowledge I emphasize on a program that delivers a balance between overall muscle strength, flexibility, conditioning, and coordination.

My goal is to lead by example to perpetuate a movement of leaders to give back what was given to them by motivating and inspiring others to seek a fit and healthy lifestyle.