TRIBE Team Training™ programs focus on the team approach to reach a higher level of fitness. Experience support, belonging and physical challenge in a dynamic motivating environment. Achieve more! We are one body, one unit, one team, one tribe.

Each TRIBE season is 6 weeks. Your Tribe Team is led by a certified Tribe Team Training Coach and is limited to 8 participants. Choose from TribeFit™, TribeLife™ TribeCore™ and TribePunch™ . Each workout is new and specifically programmed to deliver results based on the focus of the season.  See our next seasons dates and schedule below. Sign up today to start your 6-week journey to STRONG and LEAN. Discover how to get started with Tribe Team Training BELOW!

Tribe Team Training Programs

Our certified Tribe Team Trainer, Brecken Huerta, welcomes you to check out Tribe Team Training at the Tri-City Court Club!

How to Get Started with Tribe Team Training                                          Which TRIBE program is right for you? We would love to speak with you about your health and fitness goals and share with you how our three Tribe Team programs TribeFIT™, TribeLIFE™, TribeCORE™ and TribePUNCH™ can help you reach them. (See below for Tribe descriptions.)  Free Trial Week is the best way to get involved (see Trial Week dates below). Discover the benefits of belonging to a team.

Reserve your spot in the Results Personal Training Studio or simply
contact us by filling out the contact form, email, or call us at 509-783-5465 ext. 201.

Tribe Team Training Season Details

Season 2 Dates (2019): March 11 - April 19
RSVP: RSVP and secure your spot by March 1 for March 4 start date
Days & Times: Vary by the season. Please complete the contact form for more information. See schedule below for days and times.
Cost: $129.00 + tax (members), $161.25 + tax (community)
Ages: 15+
Max Class Size: 8 participants
Location: Tribe Team Training Studios

Season 3 FREE Trial Week (2019): April 22 - April 26
Season 3 Dates (2019): April 29 - June 7
RSVP: RSVP and secure your spot by April 19 for April 22 start date
Days & Times: Vary by the season. Please complete the contact form for more information. See schedule below for days and times.
Cost: $129.00 + tax (members), $161.25 + tax (community)
Ages: 15+
Max Class Size: 8 participants
Location: Tribe Team Training Studios

A Specialized High-Intensity Interval Program Focused on Making You Fit, Fast & Strong. TribeFIT™ can be defined as a strength and endurance conditioning program designed for any committed individual, regardless of fitness or experience, making it the ideal fitness regime.

Strength Training Focused on Developing Your Core & Making You Lean, Long & Strong. TribeCORE™ trains the muscles around your pelvis, hips, back and abdomen, starting from the deep torso muscles to leave you with a slim waistline and firm strong abs.

Functional Low Impact Exercises to Leave You Fit, Strong & Energized. TribeLIFE™ combines aerobic movements, low impact functional strength exercises as well as core and flexibility exercise that gives you renewed energy to take on more of what life has to offer.

TribePUNCH™ guarantees to help you build power, endurance, and mental toughness ensuring fast measurable results. Your TribePUNCH™ Coach will coach, motivate and challenge you to new levels of strength, fitness and fighting skills season after season.

Balance & Power The human body is an amazing machine. However, most people grow up without learning how to keep their bodies functioning properly. This results in aging with injuries or bad habits that lead to breakdowns within our skeleton, muscles, and nervous system.

Balance and Power is taught in the same setting as our Tribe Programs. The exercises in this program are low impact for your joints, and range from moderate to high intensity. The focus is to retrain your entire body in a dynamic and functional way. One of the best ways this program will improve functionality is by adding an element of instability into the exercises. By using external aids that have unstable surfaces, like Bosu, stability, and medicine balls, your body will have to create its own stability by firing its muscles in harmony. As your stability improves, you’ll begin to discard old movement patterns that have been dragging you down and replace them with more functional ones.

Aside from the stabilization benefits you’ll gain, this program will also guide you through resistance exercises that will make your body more powerful and durable.  Whether you’re looking to improve your performance athletically, or just trying to improve your overall quality of life, you’ll find that this program will challenge you to reach your goals.

Tribe Team Training Season 2 (2019) Schedule

We have three Tribe Team Training Studios (Blue, Orange & Green). All programs are offered 2 days per week (except Fit 3-Day). You select the program (Fit, Life or Core) and the time slot that you wish to participate in for the season.